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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Landfall Farm Fresh?

Landfall Farm Fresh is owned and operated by five siblings; Ed, Will, Frank, Ellie and Mimi Archer. Landfall Farm Fresh is a vertically integrated company, including breeding, birthing, raising, marketing, selling and distributing. The five siblings are fifth generation Archers farming the banks of the Tamar River.

Why buy Landfall Farm Fresh?

Our animals are happy animals, they are free range, hormone growth promotant free, and all grass fed. We breed and raise our own animals prior to selling them directly to the consumer. Our meat products are gluten and preservative free making them a safe and healthy choice, plus they are delicious top quality cuts that won’t disappoint.

Where can I buy Landfall Farm Fresh products?

Landfall Farm Fresh products can be purchased from our retail outlet – 49 Balfour Street, Launceston Tasmania. A range of our products are also available from Alps and Amici – 52 Abbott Street, East Launceston and Mood Food – 86-96 Wellington St, Launceston. A number of restaurants around Launceston also use our products including; Burger Junkie, Turkish Tukka, The Pizza Pub, Maple Cafe, Geronimo and Mud Bar and Restaurant.

What can I buy from Landfall Farm Fresh?

Our largest drawing cards are our Prime Lamb and Angus Beef which are bred, raised and then sold directly from us to you. Our retail store in Launceston also has a large range of Tasmanian products including; Nichols Poultry, Scottsdale Pork, Cape Grim Beef, Ashgrove Diary, Ashbolt olive oil, Boks Bacon, Free Range Eggs, Island Curries, The Stock Merchant plus many many more.

Where do Landfall Farm Fresh animals come from?

Our cattle and sheep are bred and raised on our farming properties “Landfall” and “Greenhythe” in Northern Tasmania’s Tamar Valley, approximately 20-40 minutes out of Launceston.

Where do the animals live?

Our cattle and sheep are bred and raised in free ranging natural environments where they are free to roam. They live in rural, spacious, pollution free environments with trees for shelter and fresh water for drinking. Our trained stockmen take care of our animals’ welfare ensuring that they are comfortable, healthy and relaxed.

What do Landfall Farm Fresh animals eat?

Both our sheep and cattle are grass fed all year round. To ensure ample food supply they may be fed silage or hay during the colder winter months and dryer summer months. They roam free to eat the fresh pasture and drink large quantities of clean fresh water from dams or troughs.

Are Landfall Farm Fresh products gluten free?

Yes. Landfall Farm Fresh meat products are proudly gluten and preservative free including all our sausages and burgers.

Are they given hormones?

NOT A CHANCE. Our animals receive no hormone growth promotants.

What breed of cattle are they?

Pure bred Black Angus – the meat sold through our business is 100% graded as yearling beef. Angus cattle are known throughout the world for their ability to consistently produce the finest high quality beef.

What breed of sheep are they?

Suffolk-cross – the meat sold through our business is 100% graded as lamb.

What are the Landfall Farm Fresh retail store opening hours?

Wednesday: 10am – 5:30pm
Thursday & Friday: 9am – 5:30pm
Saturday: 8am – 2pm
Sunday – Tuesday: Closed